White Elk, the newest rage in livestock industry

White elk are about as rare as hen’s teeth in the wild, but two local elk producers have had four of them successfully bred and shipped to their Jean Cote-area farms.
Henry Aubin has raised Elk for the last four years with his partner Wilfred St. Laurent at their Jean Cote farms.
Like most Elk producers, they had nothing but brown elk – until Aubin laid his eyes on a white elk for the first time last year. He immediately bought two.
Since then, they’ve become a bit of a novelty. He said more and more producers have shown interest in them ever since.
“I stumbled upon them shortly after entering the elk business. They’re hard to find. Some guys who have them don’t want to sell,” he said. To date, the provinces largest white elk herds number only about one dozen.
Other than the white elk’s particular genetic configuration, they are the same ungulate species.
Fortunately, the domestic livestock industry will help preserve such rare genetics as the white elk.
Aubin’s white elk herd has grown to four, but only because he paid for the services of a certified artificial insemination specialist near Leduc. That specialist partially owns a prized white bull elk and is contracting out breeding services to other elk producers.
“If all the calves he breeds are white, he’ll prove his worth,” Aubin said, adding that he’s hoping that white elk with good conformation may one day fetch as much as $20,000 at sales like one which is held at Grande Prairie every fall season.

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