Routhier school student joins cancer fund-raising crusade

There is yet another addition to the growing list of candidates whom have stepped forward to shave their heads for an upcoming cancer research fundraiser in April.
Falher Routhier school Grade 6 student Kevin Rey has officially thrown his name in the hat as one of the people who is shedding his locks April 25 at the local fire hall.
The 12-year-old student says he decided to get in on the action two weeks ago because he wanted to do something positive to make a difference in the lives of others affected by the deadly disease.
“I want to help find a cure for cancer,” said the determined student last week, who has lost a cousin and his grandfather to the disease in recent years.
Rey said he’s spent the better part of the past week seeking pledges from his family and relatives in addition to staff and students at his school.
“I went around the school yesterday (March 12) to all of the classes to let everyone know what I’m doing,” Rey said, adding that no amount is too small for the cause. “Even if it’s 25 cents, they can still sponsor me.”
So far, he’s raised approximately $200 – a figure which he hopes to expand on in the coming weeks by going door to door after school.
“I want to try and raise as much as I possibly can,” he added.
Routhier school Vice-Principal Richard Fournier said the education facility is behind Rey’s endeavor 100 per cent.
“Kevin is a truly amazing young man who has faced some big challenges during the course of his life,” Fournier explained. “He’s a brave, courageous soul who’s in it for the principal of supporting a good cause and we wish him the best of luck.”
Along with the support of the school, Rey has also received the praise of his mother, Joyce.
She said his decision to take part in the cancer fundraiser is something he’s been determined to do since last year when he first got wind of the event from his cousin, Denis Laflamme, deputy fire chief of the Falher Fire Department.
“He just came up to me one day a couple of weeks ago and said he was going to do it this year. I thought he would have forgotten about it by now,” she explained, adding she’s very proud of her son.
“It’s absolutely great what he’s doing,” she said. “He’s seen a number of his relatives affected by cancer over the years and I think that’s why he feels this is so important. I’m so proud of him. He’s just a remarkable child.”
Rey will join a handful of another people in the April 25 cancer fundraiser. Paul Charest, spokesperson for the Falher Fire Department, says 17 representatives of the fire department, Smoky River Ambulance Service and RCMP are also taking part in the event.
They include: Darryl Hebert, Dawn Lefebvre, Chantal Houle, Ron Lefebvre, Dennis Laflamme, Denis Guindon, Jason Thibault, Roger Remillard, Ray Charest, Paul Charest, Wayne Brulotte, Gerry Lanctot, Jim Daubert, James Roy, Wade Nicolet, Gerald Gervais and Kevin Roy.
The goal of the April 25 fundraiser, which gets underway at 7:30 p.m., is to raise $10,000 for cancer research.
For more information, contact Falher Fire Department Lieutenant Darryl Hebert at 837-2261 or 837-3582.

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