Hector Goudreau and Nick Sekulic running for Dunvegan PC’s

Hector Goudreau, a farmer south of Falher has announced that he will be seeking PC nomination I the constituency of Dunvegan.
He is a family man with a wonderful wife and three daughters, two in university and one who just graduated, that make him proud.
“I recognize the challenges that people go through to get in to post secondary school. There are so many things that need to be dealt with. Not only is it being excepted, it’s also relocation, accommodations and fee’s,” says Goudreau.
Goudreau has dedicated himself in assisting farmers, their families and agribusiness’s to solve problems encountered in their day to day operations.
He has worked in a high volume, fast paced and dynamic environment where he has used his seasoned skills and experience to work directly with rural Albertans, especially those of the Peace.
His diverse experiences and background in the Agricultural industry provides his with a solid perspective in the challenges faced by producers.
He has remained dedicated to Economic Development over the past many years and has worked with numerous organizations to improve the economic conditions of the area.
As a member of Peace Country Development Corporation for seven years, four of which he was chairman, he saw economic changes throughout the central peace. Expert business advise was established for anyone interested in starting their own business. Technical assistance was provided in preparing business plans and financial application and many new successful businesses were realized.
Peace Country Development Corporation worked very closely with the Chamber of Commerce throughout the central Peace.
Goudreau was instrumental is starting Le Centre D’Entrepreneuriat (SCENO) in Falher. This organization offers business counseling and services to the Francophone community in the whole Peace Region. As chairman of this group, Goudreau assures an ongoing commitment to sustainable economic growth. Peace Country Development and SCENO work very closely with Western Economic Diversification, Alberta Human Resources and Human Resources Development Canada.
Goudreau is a member of the Northwest Corridor Development Corporation. Its mandate is to realize the full potential of the Northwest transportation corridor that links the Peace Area to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Already improvements in air service to the Peace has been realized.
Commitments by both the BC and Alberta Governments have been made to improve the roads in the Peace.
Goudreau is also a member of the Falher and Area Economic Development Committee. This organization has been instrumental in starting many needed businesses in the area. Goudreau took an active role in the establishment of Smoky Porc and The Smoky River Water Co-op. Both multi-million dollar projects are doing very well and are in the process of expansion.
Goudreau is a member of Sarda, a local producer driven organization working in the south east part of Peace. This organization is renown for its innovative approach to adopting new technology and for their very large trade shows. Goudreau has proven his leadership by chairing this event in the past.
Goudreau is past member of the local Seed Cleaning Plant Board and past Town councilor and Deputy Mayor.
Over the past years, Goudreau has the opportunity to be a host for many National and International groups, including delegations from Australia, France, Japan, China, Germany, Quebec and British Columbia.
Goudreau is past member if the Alberta Rural Safety Committee and the Provincial ASB Resolution Committee.
Aside from his many committees, Goudreau and his family are very involved with the church, doing bapstimal preparation and marriage preparation courses out of his home using material from the parish.
“People ask me if I can keep up with the job of MLA, and I tell them that I already do! If I were to become MLA of Dunvegan, I would have to quit my job and drop some committees but I’m ready for that because I would still be working with the people, which is important to me,” says Goudreau.
Elections will be taking place on October 20 at the Knight of Columbus Hall in Falher. In order to vote in this election, persons must be over the age of 16 years.

Nick Sekulic, a Rycroft area farmer and seed industry representative, has announced that he will be seeking the PC nomination in the constituency of Dunvegan.
The Dunvegan PC nomination meeting is scheduled the evening of Friday, October 20th for the Knights of Columbus Hall in Falher.
This will be his second attempt. Nick came up a close second to the incumbent PC MLA Glenn Clegg in fall of 1997. Clegg has announced that he will not be seeking a further term.
“I remain concerned now, as I was in 1997, of ensuring that the communities in our riding are sustained and grow economically. While Alberta continues to prosper and benefit the smaller rural communities remain challenged to maintain the pace,” says Sekulic.
Sekulics’, wife Caroline, and infant son Max live on their farm Southeast of Rycroft. They have a small cattle herd but the focus of their farming operation is commercial grain and canola production. Nick and Caroline farm land in both the Rycroft area and the Blueberry Mountain community northwest of Spirit River.
“As a farmer I know first hand the challenges that exist as we try to make a living with the slim margins that currently prevail in primary agriculture. Granted, there are other segments of the local economy that are strong, specifically oil and gas and forestry, but agriculture remains the key sector of the riding and must be healthy for our communities to thrive and grow,” says Sekulic.
With a provincial election predicted for March/April of 2001, the nomination likely be a lively undertaking. Many are sure that the winner of the PC nomination is likely to win the seat in the legislature after the next trip to the polls.
“I believe I can represent a strong, fresh approach in representing the constituents of Dunvegan in the Legislature and in the PC Caucus. There are many issues of specific to this riding that need to be expressed, such as, municipal infrastructure, health care delivery, recreation, and education,” says Sekulic.

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