Falher Fire Department rolls out the welcome mat

The Falher Fire Department will be rolling out the welcome mat for residents next week in an effort to promote fire prevention awareness.
Officials with the local fire department announced last week that they will be hosting a open house Oct. 10 between the hours of 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., complete with free coffee and doughnuts.
Acting Fire Chief Gerald Lanctot says the event, which will coincide with the annual return of Fire Prevention Week, is an effective means of getting their message across to the general public about the dangers of fire in our everyday lives.
“Our goal is to try and create a heightened sense of awareness with the public regarding the importance of fire safety and the role which the Falher Fire Department plays,” Lanctot explained last week.
That will be achieved in a number of different ways during the evening, says Lanctot, who adds residents in attendance can expect to see several demonstrations.
“We’ll be demonstrating the proper use of fire extinguishers and touching base on the importance of smoke alarms, in addition to giving children rides in some of the units,” he said.
Faulty smoke alarms in residential homes and businesses is one of the leading causes of fire injuries and deaths reported each year in Alberta.
One of the biggest problems associated with smoke alarms is that people tend to take them for granted by ignoring routine maintenance.
Lanctot says the devices are a definite must for every household and business, adding that to be effective they must be checked on a regular basis.
“We recommend that people check their smoke alarm batteries a minimum of once every year to ensure they are in proper working order. They should also test them once a month,” he said.
The fire department is currently exploring the possibility of bringing in a an automobile to demonstrate vehicle extrication techniques to the public.
He stresses, however, that nothing has been confirmed to date.
Last year’s open house at the Falher Faire Hall attracted approximately 50 people.

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