Alberta Crop Report

The harvest is well underway throughout most of the south where farmers continue to battle extremely dry conditions compounded by hailstorms, high winds and grasshoppers! Dryland crops are in poor condition in the south.
Rain over the past weekend is not expected to do much good for this season. In the central area, rain and wind lodged some crops near Hardisty. Agricore staff at Lacombe report some crop damage due to rain but expect that if the sun stays out, farmers in the area will get a good start on their barley. In the Peace, hail and frost cut into the harvest!
In general, Agricore staff say crop condition held steady to last week at just below average. About three per cent of the total crop has been harvested. Just two per cent of the spring wheat and four per cent of the
barley are in the bin. Just over 40 per cent of the red winter wheat and 20 per cent of the rye have been harvested. About 14 per cent of the peas are in the bin.
Hail the size of golf balls pelted thousands of acres east of Calgary this past week. At Delia in the south, rain is holding up swathing but Agricore staff in the area expect farmers will be harvesting full tilt by mid week.
Rain at Vulcan came too late to do much good. Hail in the area definitely
did no good this past week! Farmers at Vauxhall are looking for warm weather to speed up harvest. About 40 per cent of the crops in the Milk River area are already off and staff say protein levels in the wheat are generally high.
Much of the central area was hit by heavy rain and hail over the past week. At Westlock, hail damaged about 50 percent of the area’s crops and frost was reported Sunday night. Staff in the area expect swathing to be general within about a week. Farmers near Bonnyville are already swathing canola and barley. Canola in the area is starting to turn very quickly so canola could be harvested by the end of the month. Near Acheson just west of Edmonton, crops are ripening nicely and staff in the area expect swathing to start this week as long as the weather continues to co-operate. In general in the central area, crop condition is good to very good.
Agricore staff in the Peace River area report considerable hail damage southeast of Wanham in the Peoria area. There are reports that hail has significantly damaged 25 to 100 per cent of thousands of acres of crops. There are unconfirmed reports of frost west of Spirit River! The crop condition index in the Peace ranges from just above average to good.

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